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Discover Marsan

"In reinventing 4 rue d'Assas, I wanted to get closer to my roots, to focus on the essentials: my producers who have always inspired me, the right and true product, the recipes that sublimate without cheating... an instinctive cuisine of tastes and stories...

In reinventing 4 rue d'Assas, I wanted to synthesize my knowledge and give meaning to my dreams by imagining new gastronomic experiences, as demanding as they are lively... An open kitchen, a chef's table, an apparent cellar, spontaneous and shared tastings... so many moments to live, pleasures to discover and tastes to transmit.

By reinventing 4 rue d'Assas, I decided to pay homage to Marsan, the cradle of my family, the place where I was born and where everything began.

Welcome to my home."

Hélène Darroze


L.10 & L.12 - Station Sèvres-Babylone
L. 4 - Saint Suplice

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